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PMG Maintenance

Gutter cleaning

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We had our gutters cleaned on our 105-year-old house today by the very professional and conscientious team at PMG Maintenance.

Pierre did a fantastic job and went above and beyond what was expected.

We highly recommend PMG and will not hesitate to have them back for the next cleaning. 

- Gordon de Savigny, Ottawa

Fantastic service on the job site

(safety, attention to detail, follow up advice).

Our property is heavily treed

and I had neglected the gutter last year.

The team had their work cut out for them

and did a wonderful job!!

What really amazed us is how professional

they are.

It is nice to see a company nowadays

that exhibits this much attention to detail.

So pleased that we have already

signed up for their annual program.

We are certain that

you will be very pleased with them.

- Robert Robinson, Cantley

Christine in the front office was fantastic! Expedient responses to my questions and was able to fit my home in the company's busy schedule.

Pierre and his crew were friendly and professional.

Preventative maintenance recommendations

were excellent.

- Mr. Wong, Nepean

I was so impressed watching how careful and professional they were in clearing our neighbour's gutters that I asked if they would do ours too.

I am very pleased with their work .

They use a bucket to hold the gunk so they don't just drop it on the ground, their equipment is solid, and they even trimmed some vines away from our soffit as I requested and worked carefully around our electric de-icing cord in the gutter.

A1. Thanks guys.

- Mrs Cox, Gatineau

We have used PMG Maintenance to clean out our gutters in the fall for a number of years now.


They have come each year on time, done a very thorough and professional job on both our garage and our house (which has some challenging places) and been a pleasure to work with.

Their prices are VERY reasonable and,

as important to us, they are a local business

that we love to support.

They offer other services that we may take advantage of this next year - snow clearing, window cleaning, etc.

Thank you SO much / Merci BEAUCOUP!

- L. Hay, Cantley

Prior to putting our house on the market,

we had exterior pressure-washed,

and gutters and windows cleaned by PMG.

We were completely satisfied with their work

and their attention to detail. 

- Bob and Sue, Gatineau, (Aylmer sector)

PMG Maintenance went above and beyond our


They were scheduled to clean the gutters on a Friday but with the forecast calling for freezing temperatures that day, Pierre came a

day earlier to make sure the job would be done before the first snow.

That was very much


He did a very thorough

cleaning with no debris left behind.

I highly recommend PMG. 

- Dave, Ottawa

I was very pleased with the work that

PMG Maintenance did for me this fall.

Pierre was very meticulous and professional

when he came to clean the gutters this fall.

I will definitely have him do this on a yearly basis.

- Mabel, Ottawa

PMG Maintenance did an excellent job

cleaning my gutters.

I would highly recommend them.

- Nick, Ottawa

Professional, friendly and informative.

PMG Maintenance

cleaned my gutters

and clogged downspouts.

He offered some good recommendations

moving forward.

I will be using PMG in the future

and would definitely recommend their services.

- Albert, Ottawa

PMG Maintenance has rendered outstanding service.

Pierre is meticulous in his attention to detail and attainment of the highest standards.

A rarity these days!

- Sean Henry, Ottawa

We were very pleased with the work that PMG Maintenance did for us this summer (2017).

Pierre and his team (Arnaud and Louis-Jacob) were very meticulous and professional when they cleaned our gutters.

We definitely recommend this company.

- Diane McConnell, Gatineau (Hull)

These guys at PMG were professional at their job and very courteous.

Their pricing is very competitive and reasonable !!

Thanks PMG. 

- Mr. Lacroix, Chelsea

Thanks to PMG Maintenance

for doing such a great job!

Scheduling was fast and price was very reasonable.

- Mr. MacDonald, Stittsville

We look forward to hearing from them next year and have also put a recommendation in our community newsletter.

Thank you for a job well done. 

- David and Anne, Kanata

Excellent quick service and very professionally done.

Thanks Pierre!

- Mr. Richardson, Ottawa

We were very impressed by PMG.

They came on time. They were very polite and friendly.

Please, don't just take our word, hire them and see for yourself.

You will be glad you did!

- John, Barb and Michael, Ottawa

Fast, efficient, pleasant to deal with, good price - couldn't ask for more.

- Mr. Dew, Gatineau

PMG Maintenance offers friendly, professional service often going above and beyond require.

Thanks Pierre!

- Mr. Rhodes, Ottawa

Came the same day as we called


Arrived when they said they would even though it was probably past their normal working hours.

Were courteous and professional.

Thank you!

- L. Morrison, Ottawa

Excellent service. Highly recommend.

- Mrs Lebeau, Gatineau

Throughout the process it was clear that Pierre is clearly committed to the highest standard of quality in the service he and his staff provide.

Very pleasant surprise to find a contractor who is courteous, polite, communicates well, shows up on time, is respectful of the homeowner's environment and goes the extra mile to deliver outstanding results - Five Stars!

We will definitely be hiring PMG again and gladly recommend the company to others. 

- Dean Mallory, Chelsea

Very professional and courteous service.

This company will go the extra mile..

Last time they cleaned my gutters, they also took photos of my roof at my request so I could check the condition of the shingles. 

- Mrs Kourla, Gatineau

Excellent work and customer service!

Cleaned the gutters and cleaned up after. They also trimmed some trees near the roof.

I was very pleased with their work!

- Angie Richard, Gatineau

I highly recommend PMG Maintenance.

I received fast, efficient service.

You went over and above to make sure the job was done.

Also for the pleasant manner in which you do business. 

- Sandra Masson, Gatineau

Quick and friendly.

Very pleased. 

- Sabrina Morin, Gatineau

Received excellent service and very professional.

You gained a life long customer and will recommend

to all my neighbors and friends.

- Ghislain Painchaud, Aylmer

I was extremely pleased with the work

that PMG Maintenance provided.

I would definitely recommend this company

to those that want quality service

at a reasonable price.

- Carl, Ottawa

I chose this company because

the customer reviews were all good

and they did not disappoint.

I was very pleased with the service.

Very accomodating

when booking appointment.

Kept me updated when would be


They were very polite, efficient, and very thorough.

Would definitely recommend this company.

- Dianne, Gatineau

PMG Maintenance provided outstanding professional service clearing and cleaning my eavestrough system this spring.

Would not hesitate to recommend their services to others. 

- Sean Henry, Ottawa

We will be scheduling PMG again next year. 

- Vance Mceachern, Kanata

Highly recommend Pierre and his crew.

- Mrs Fleury-Gow, Alcove

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PMG Maintenance

offer their gutter cleaning services in Ottawa, Gatineau, as well as all surrounding towns.

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Why should gutters be cleaned?

Gutters and downspouts exist to evacuate rainwater away from around the roof and foundation of the home.

When full of debris they cannot work properly and can cause problems (water leaks, etc.).

Should gutter guards be purchased?

Many products supposed to keep debris out of gutters exist on the market but none is really useful in most cases and gutter cleaning still needs to be performed regularly.

One problem with those products is that wet debris tend to stick to the top of the cover and rainwater cannot go in so it flows over the eavesthroughs. They also tend to damage the edge of the roof in some cases and even increase risk of ice dam formation.

All gutters eventually need to be cleaned even if no trees surround the property as other debris such as asphalt shingle granules do accumulate with time.

If gutters are not cleaned before winter, the water trapped by debris will expand with freezing temperatures and this may cause damage to the gutter system.

Gutter cleaning helps decrease/avoid:

  • Water overflowing;
  • Gutters sagging from weight of debris and water;
  • Gutter damage from water in freezing temperatures;

  • Icicles;

  • Water leaks in the home;

  • Dampness in basement;  

  •  Landscaping eroding;

  • Damage to grass and shrubs;

  • Foul smells (decomposing vegetal and animal matter);

  • Stains from bacteria, mold, algae and moss on roof;

  • Black stains on gutter exterior;
  • Stains on siding;
  • Dirty windows;

Insect proliferation around property;

Other damage to the home like rotting fascia.

How frequently should gutters be cleaned?

This depends mostly on the trees present around the home.

Once a year (in the fall) is enough in most cases.

A second cleaning may be necessary in the spring or summer, especially if pine or maple trees are present in the vicinity (Pine needles or maple seeds).

When cleaning the gutters our team at PMG Maintenance makes sure that:

  • Nothing blocks the flow of rainwater
  • Downspouts are working well
  • No standing water

Residential, commercial and institutionnal.

For your convenience, we accept the following payment options:

- Check to PMG Maintenance

- Cash

- E-transfer payable to [email protected]

- PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery)

PMG Maintenance owns a 2,000,000$ liability insurance policy.

All workers are covered by worker's compensation / CNESST.

Residential and commercial.

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