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PMG Maintenance

Pressure washing / Softwashing

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Washing of siding and other surfaces

Why have the outside of the home washed?

A professional washing service will keep your property in good condition while improving its appearance. That’s why it’s often a sound investment.

Where do the stains on the siding come from?

Although airborne dust and pollution does settle on all exterior surfaces, the main culprits are mold, mildew, moss and bacteria that grow in those areas. This is why you will notice more on the north side and in the shadowy areas, where they are less exposed to the sun’s rays.

Also take a look underneath your soffits, fascias and eavesthroughs…

Our commercial grade products and equipment help us wash the whole exterior of the home efficiently while using minimal pressure, comparable to pressure from a garden hose in some instances.

This is called Soft Washing since it is using low water pressure. this greatly reduces risks often associated with pressure washing and uses less water.

The result is a spotless home!

Our complete home exterior cleaning service includes:

  • Cleaning (emptying) of gutters and downspouts.

  • Washing of exterior surfaces (gutters, downspouts, fascias, soffits, siding, doors, etc).

  • Washing of exterior windows, frames and screens.

Soft Wash

Wood and engineered wood ex;''CanExel''



Soffits, fascia and eavesthrough

Brick and other surfaces

Rust stains

Driveway pressure washing

Monuments pressure washing

Most of our cleaning products:

  • Are non-toxic.

  • Are biodegradable.

Our equipment :

  • Our specialized equipment allows us to work safely and efficiently at height.

We can wash almost all surfaces including :

Vinyl, aluminum, fibreglass, brick, stone, concrete, ciment, asphalt, tile, metal, composits, pvc, plastics, wood, engineered wood ex;''CanExel'' and even more.

For your convenience, we accept the following payment options:

- Check to PMG Maintenance

- Cash

- E-transfer payable to [email protected]

- PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery)

PMG Maintenance owns a 2,000,000$ liability insurance policy.

All workers are covered by worker's compensation CNESST.

Residential and commercial.


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PMG Maintenance offer their pressure washing (soft wash) services 

in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. 

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