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PMG Maintenance

Roof snow removal



Weather forecast for

the Ottawa-Gatineau area

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the Montreal area


I was extremely pleased with the work that PMG Maintenance provided.

I would definitely recommend this company to those that want quality service at a reasonable price.

- Carl, Ottawa

Highly recommend Pierre and his crew.

I was simply looking for an insured company to remove snow off the roof and found a reliable professional that I'll be calling upon for my external maintenance for sure. 

- Mrs Fleury-Gow, Alcove

We were very impressed by PMG.

They came on time. They were very polite and friendly.

Please, don't just take our word, hire them and see for yourself.

You will be glad you did!

- John, Barb and Michael, Ottawa

Thanks to

PMG Maintenance

for doing such a

great job!

Scheduling was fast and price was very reasonable.

- Mr. MacDonald, Stittsville

PMG Maintenance went above and beyond our expectations.

I highly recommend PMG. 

- Dave, Ottawa

Quick and friendly.

Very pleased.

- Sabrina Morin, Gatineau

Excellent work and customer service!

I was very pleased with their work!

- Angie Richard, Gatineau

Throughout the process it was clear that Pierre is clearly committed to the highest standard of quality in the service he and his staff provide.

Very pleasant surprise to find a contractor who is courteous, polite, communicates well, shows up on time, is respectful of the homeowner's environment and goes the extra mile to deliver outstanding results - Five Stars!

We will definitely be hiring PMG again and gladly recommend the company to others. 

- Dean Mallory, Chelsea

Very professional and courteous service.

This company will go the extra mile..

- Mrs Kourla, Gatineau

Received excellent service and very professional.

You gained a life long customer and will recommend

to all my neighbors and friends.

- Ghislain Painchaud, Aylmer

These guys at PMG were professional at their job and very courteous.

Their pricing is very competitive and reasonable !!

Thanks PMG. 

- Ghislain Painchaud, Aylmer

These guys at PMG were professional at their job and very courteous.

Their pricing is very competitive and reasonable !!

Thanks PMG. 

- Mr. Lacroix, Chelsea

We look forward to hearing from them next year and have also put a recommendation in our community newsletter.

Thank you for a job well done. 

- David and Anne, Kanata

PMG Maintenance has rendered outstanding service.

Pierre is meticulous in his attention to detail and attainment of the highest standards.

A rarity these days!

- Sean Henry, Ottawa

Quick and friendly.

Very pleased.

- Daniel Campagna, Gatineau

Came the same day as we called


Arrived when they said they would even though it was probably past their normal working hours.

Were courteous and professional.

Thank you!

- L. Morrison, Ottawa

Fast, efficient, pleasant to deal with, good price - couldn't ask for more. 

- Mr. Dew, Gatineau

PMG Maintenance offers friendly, professional service often going above and beyond require.

Thanks Pierre!

- Mr. Rhodes, Ottawa

More Testimonials

PMG Maintenance

offer their roof snow removal service in the

Ottawa-Gatineau area

as well as the Montreal area. 

Area of Service

Please note that using the contact form helps us provide you with a fast and efficient service.

We usually respond within minutes.


When should snow be removed from your roof?

The roof should be cleared when there is a large amount of snow (see below) or some accumulated snow and a forecast of rain.

Depending on conditions, snow density can vary and its load on the roof be lesser or greater. For example, settled snow is heavier than freshly fallen snow and its weight will be even more if some of it turns to ice.

The building code stipulates the roof must be built to support a load of 20 lb/ft2 (this varies slightly depending on each province).

The weight of an ice layer one inch thick equals 4 inches of settled snow or 12 inches of fresh snow.

48 inches of fresh snow= 20 lb/ft2

16 inches of settled snow= 20 lb/ft2

4 inches of ice = 20 lb/ft2

So for example the combined weight of 18 inches of settled snow and 2 inches of ice exceeds the 20 lb/ft2 limit.

Since it’s difficult, maybe even impossible, to know the conditions of each successive layer of snow and ice existing on your roof it is advised that snow be removed from the roof when it is close to 24 inches deep.

Here are some obvious signs that the snow and ice must be removed from your roof without delay:

  • The doors inside the house don’t open or close easily.

  • You hear some creaking noises.

  • Your ceiling seems to bulge under the weight. 

  • Some cracks appear on the walls.

What could happen if snow and ice is not removed from the roof?

A roof could collapse under the weight of excessive snow and ice.

If an ice dam is installed, this presents risks of water leaks in your roof when snow melts or after a rain (see ice dam removal).

Ice dam removal

That’s why large snow loads must be dealt with in a timely fashion.

This task should be trusted to professionals having adequate experience, equipment and liability insurance which specifies ''roof snow removal'' in its contract.

How will we proceed?

  • We are equipped to work safely at various heights; 

  • We close off the perimeter as needed to avoid accidents;

  • We use plastic shovels and we make sure to leave 1 to 4 inches of snow on the roof to avoid damaging it;

  • We carefully clear around roof vents and plumbing vents;

  • We also make sure any water has a way of draining;

  • While we work, we make sure to clear all decks, stairs and walkways from snow;

For your convenience, we accept the following payment options:

- Check to PMG Maintenance

- Cash

- E-transfer payable to [email protected]

- PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery)

PMG Maintenance owns a 2,000,000$ liability insurance policy.

All workers are covered by worker's compensation CNESST.

Residential and commercial.

For more info:

Regie du batiment Quebec: Removing snow and de-icing

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