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PMG Maintenance

Window cleaning

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Residential window cleaning

How often should your home’s windows be cleaned?

Usually, windows are cleaned once or twice a year.

PMG Maintenance - Window cleaning Ottawa Gatineau
PMG Maintenance - Window cleaning Ottawa Gatineau

Commercial and institutional window cleaning

Why have your business place's windows cleaned?

Windows are dirtied quickly (dust, fingerprints, etc.)

When the windows are cleaned, it will enhance the look and feel of your business place or your institution, both inside and out. 

Post-construction window cleaning

For your convenience, we accept the following payment options:

- Check to PMG Maintenance

- Cash

- E-transfer payable to [email protected]

- PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery)

PMG Maintenance owns a 2,000,000$ liability insurance policy.

All workers are covered by worker's compensation CNESST.`

Residential and commercial.


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PMG Maintenance offer their window cleaning service

in Ottawa-Gatineau area. 

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