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PMG Maintenance

Window cleaning

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Pierre did

a wonderful job

cleaning my windows this spring.

He is very professional and

takes time to do the job right,

cleaning the surrounding framing as well.

I can recommend him most highly.

- Mabel, Ottawa

Again, PMG Maintenance has rendered outstanding service.

This time cleaning windows.

Pierre is meticulous in his attention to detail and attainment of the highest standards.

A rarity these days!

- Sean Henry, Ottawa

Our house is an open design

- 25' foot ceilings with lots of hard to reach windows and we were overdue for a thorough cleaning of all windows - inside and out.

Pierre's company was recommended by our

local community association.

Throughout the process it was clear that Pierre is clearly committed to the highest standard of quality in the service he and his staff provide.

Very pleasant surprise to find a contractor who is courteous, polite, communicates well, shows up on time, is respectful of the homeowner's environment and goes the extra mile to deliver outstanding results - Five Stars!

We will definitely be hiring PMG again and gladly recommend the company to others. 

- Dean Mallory, Chelsea

Prior to putting our house on the market,

we had exterior pressure-washed,

and gutters and windows cleaned by PMG.

We were completely satisfied with their work

and their attention to detail.

When we interviewed real estate agents,

all of them thought we could include

new windows as a recent upgrade.

In fact, they were more than fifteen years old,

but they were so clean that they did look new.

Pierre's outstanding work really paid off for us !

- Bob and Sue, Gatineau, (Aylmer sector)


Special offers

PMG Maintenance

offer their window cleaning service

in Ottawa, Gatineau,

as well as all surrounding towns.

Area of Service

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to your family and friends!

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We usually respond within minutes.

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Residential window cleaning

How often should your home’s windows be cleaned?

Usually, windows are cleaned once or twice a year.

Exterior window cleaning is included with our pressure washing service.

See the link below:

High / low pressure washing

Commercial and institutional window cleaning

Why have your business place's windows cleaned?

Windows are dirtied quickly (dust, fingerprints, etc.)

When the windows are cleaned, it will enhance the look and feel of your business place or your institution, both inside and out. 

Post-construction window cleaning

For your convenience, we accept the following payment options:

- Check to PMG Maintenance

- Cash

- E-transfer payable to [email protected]

- PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery)

PMG Maintenance owns a 2,000,000$ liability insurance policy.

All workers are covered by worker's compensation CNESST.

Residential and commercial.

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